Gain Performance With a Custom Exhaust System

You can gain more power or performance if you replace the exhaust system on your vehicle. The parts you choose can increase the performance of your engine, but it is essential that you choose pieces that work together or have an exhaust shop make the exhaust for you.

High Flow Manifolds and Headers

The exhaust manifolds or headers attach to the heads and are the first piece in the exhaust system. The spent gasses from the engine exit the heads, flowing into the manifolds and then down to the exhaust system.

Your system will benefit if you replace the stock cast manifolds with tubular headers that are larger in diameter and have gentle smooth bends, which allow the gasses to flow through without obstruction. Headers allow better scavenging of the exhaust gases so more air and fuel can move through the engine and make more power.

Performance Catalytic Converters

Normal catalytic converters can be extremely restrictive, so some people will take them off their performance car. But legally they should be in place. However, several companies make performance catalytic converters that offer higher flow and less restriction that will meet the legal requirements but give you more performance.

The car may only have one catalytic converter on it, but if you are converting to a dual exhaust system, you will need one on each pipe. If you split the exhaust, the law will require that each side have a catalytic converter and a muffler on it.

Performance Mufflers

Mufflers are a critical part of your exhaust system as well. The muffler needs to quiet the exhaust but still allow the exhaust gasses to flow through the system without a lot of restriction. The mufflers do provide some back pressure that the engine needs to run correctly, but with timing and fuel-air ratio adjustments, the back pressure can be very low.

If you are considering an exceptionally high-flow system, you may need to have your mechanic tune the engine to work with the new exhaust to get the most out of the system. Most exhaust shops can help you select the exhaust system that will offer the most benefit without having to make significant changes. But talk to the exhaust tech about your performance goals before you have any exhaust work started on your vehicle.

Large Diameter High-Flow Exhaust Pipes

The exhaust pipes in the system are one of the most critical components. If you replace the mufflers and catalytic converters with high-flow parts but keep small, restrictive pipes, you will not gain much power. Everything in the system needs to work together and should produce a clean, smooth flow of exhaust gasses from the engine to the tailpipe.

Larger exhaust pipes can move more exhaust through the system and keep up with the flow from the headers and increase the performance gain you get from those mufflers and catalytic converters.

Mandrel-Bent Exhaust Pipes

Mandrel-bent exhaust pipes will produce smoother corners and bends than traditional pipes and allow the exhaust to flow faster through the system. Traditional exhaust pipes often have some restrictions in the corners that can cause turbulence in the pipe and slow the flow through the system.

If you are considering a performance exhaust upgrade for your car or truck, come and see the experts at Seeburg Mufflers to discuss the options. We can help you choose the right parts for your system, or build a custom exhaust for your car or truck that will help you get more performance out of your engine. Let us show you how to get the most out of your performance car today.