Yellow Chevrolet Camaro

4 Exhaust Pipe Warning Signs

You may never have thought of your car’s exhaust pipe as anything more than a simple tube for expelling engine waste gases. In reality, however, the exhaust pipe has an important role to play as an integral part of the exhaust system. A problem with your exhaust pipe can spell serious trouble for your car …

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3 Mufflers for Your Muscle Car

A car muffler’s main purpose is to cancel out the noise a car’s engine makes. It works on one of two noise-canceling principles – constructive interference or destructive interference. When it comes to performance cars, though, such as with most muscle cars, a muffler has additional tasks as well. It should also move exhaust gasses, …

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3 Benefits of a New Exhaust System

Whether your car’s current exhaust system seems to be functioning well or you already know it could use an upgrade, there are several reasons to consider having a new exhaust system installed. Most manufacturers will include a standard system that serves the car’s basic functions, but three reasons for having a new system added include …

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