Six Reasons Why You Should Have an Exhaust Upgrade on Your Classic Car

Every vehicle has an exhaust system, but classic vehicle owners can enjoy considerable improvements from an upgraded and enhanced exhaust system. A vehicle’s exhaust system is an important component that influences many important vehicle factors including efficiency, performance, and value.

If you’re looking for an excellent investment to make in your classic vehicle, consider the benefits of an upgraded exhaust system. The following are seven ways your vehicle stands to benefit if you have its exhaust system upgraded with an axle-back, cat-back, header-back, or complete aftermarket exhaust system upgrade. 1. Gas Mileage You can improve the efficiency of your vehicle with an exhaust system upgrade. Any exhaust system upgrade has the potential of boosting your gas mileage. However, a full exhaust replacement will show a more impressive jump in gas mileage in comparison to a simple replacement of your cat-back or axle-back.

Older, classic cars often lag far behind more modern vehicles when it comes to gas mileage, so an exhaust upgrade is a great way to update their technology and make them more inexpensive to fuel out on the road.

2. Improved Appearances

Portions of a vehicle’s exhaust system are visible. Upgrading the exhaust system with chrome components can allow an ordinary classic car to look more pristine and more like a racing car.

Exhaust upgrades can also improve appearances by reducing or getting rid of visible exhaust that is appearing out of the exhaust pipe. Smokey exhaust can give a vehicle an unattractive, run-down appearance. A new exhaust system will lead to an exhaust that appears more healthy and clean.

3. Improved Engine Condition

Exhaust system upgrades improve the efficiency of a vehicle so that the engine doesn’t have to work as hard. Inefficiency can slow down engine aging and allow a vehicle to last longer with minimal repairs.

If you’re concerned about the condition of your classic vehicle’s engine, an exhaust system upgrade might be a great way to improve engine condition while also allowing you to get the use you want out of your vehicle.

4. Higher Horsepower

Exhaust system upgrades don’t just improve the efficiency and condition of a classic vehicle’s engine. They also raise a vehicle’s horsepower. Classic cars owners often are looking for ways to maximize the power and performance that their older vehicle offers. If you’re looking for a relatively simple and affordable way to increase the horsepower of your classic vehicle, an exhaust system upgrade is a great option.

5. Increase in Vehicle Value

An exhaust system upgrade can increase the resale value of a classic vehicle by offering all the advantages mentioned here. If you’re looking to sell your classic vehicle and want to make an investment that will increase its resale value, consider an exhaust system upgrade that will increase the vehicle’s efficiency and improve its performance. These advantages will increase a vehicle’s value by making it more attractive to buyers.  

6. Environmental Health

If you’re a classic vehicle enthusiast with a concern for the environment, an exhaust system upgrade is a great idea.

Older vehicles don’t tend to be very good for the environment because they offer poor gas mileage and more pollution than newer vehicles. However, an exhaust system upgrade will revitalize an older vehicle and make its operation as environmentally-healthy and sound as more efficient modern vehicle models.

7. Quieter Operation

An unhealthy exhaust system makes a great deal of noise and causes a vehicle to sound unhealthy. If your classic vehicle is very noisy while operating, an exhaust system upgrade can solve this problem.

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